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Today's Northern Ireland News
Last Updated – March 19, 2018.

Stormont – NI secretary 'will not impose timetable': BBC

UK must agree on border deal in Brexit negotiations: Irish Examiner
Juno McEnroe

Ireland will not be 'blocking' Brexit deal, says Varadkar: The Irish Times
Suzanne Lynch

Frontier peer Hay attacks nationalists for using Brexit to undermine the North: Derry Journal
Kevin Mullan

Damage limitation rather than Brexit blame game should be the priority now: Sunday Independent
Colm McCarthy

Where does Ireland fit in Europe now? (Mar 17): The Irish Times
Paul Gillespie

Doug Beattie – NIO 'ducking and diving' on legacy: The News Letter

Ian Paisley jnr – 'Trump would be very welcome in the North': The Irish Times
Suzanne Lynch

Leo Varadkar's olive branch more important than Doonbeg: Irish Independent
Eoghan Harris

Am I Irish? Northern Irish? British? Ulster Irish? (Mar 14): The Irish Times
Yvonne Watterson

Persuading unionists on unity: How far would you go?: Derry Now
Pat McArt

Disgust at New York honour of 'Gerry Adams Day': Sunday Independent
Cormac McQuinn and Jason O'Brien

Labour leader says proclamation of 'Gerry Adams Day' in New York is 'unfortunate and inappropriate':
Stephen McNeice

Queen's University Belfast row shows the bilingual signs debate must not get lost in translation: The Sunday Times
Newton Emerson

West Tyrone candidate backs Dungiven's opposition to 'gerrymander': Derry Journal
Kevin Mullan

MI5 should provide more detail for surveillance warrants in NI, says ex-watchdog: Belfast Telegraph

Bemusement as Union Jack erected over Crown Buildings in Derry: Derry Now

Teenagers could be sent to Battle of Boyne site in bid to stop bonfire trouble (Mar 16): Belfast Live
Maurice Fitzmaurice

Any changes on bonfires 'must be community-led' (Mar 17): Belfast Telegraph
Allan Preston

The Sinn Féin bookstore made €350,000 last year... but things could still be better:
Cianan Brennan

The Funeral Murders – unpicking one of the darkest chapters in the Northern Ireland conflict: Daily Telegraph
Vanessa Engle

Guns, grenades and lynchings – Revisiting the funeral murders: The Irish Times
John Ware

Pub bombings campaigner to speak at huge football supporter demo in Birmingham: Birmingham Mail
Andy Richards

Advocate General to make INLA men inquest decision: Irish News
Connla Young

Sporting success story after reaching out in bomb aftermath (Nov 15): Impartial Reporter
Lily Dane

Barnardo's has done itself no favours at all by using Sinn Féin to support new campaign (Mar 12): Belfast Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Agriculture officials flagged up language obligations to DUP minister: Irish News
Connla Young

Gregory Campbell advised British government will not re-open British Passport Office: Derry Journal
Kevin Mullan

Taoiseach says one name has been suggested for the next US ambassador to Ireland:
Christina Finn

Ireland cannot ignore its neighbour's plight: The Times
Jason O'Mahony

Catholics in Scotland are the biggest target of hate crime: The Sunday Times
John Boothman

Sectarianism in Scottish football: Neil Lennon – 'It is better now, but there is no place for it' (Mar 14): BBC
Brian McLauchlin

Sunday, March 18

Rise in Sinn Féin support since McDonald elected as leader, opinion poll suggests: RTE

New Sinn Féin Leader Has a Familiar Task – Wooing Irish-Americans: New York Times
Liam Stack

Remembering Martin – 'We were very lucky to have him': Derry Journal
Mary Lou McDonald

New York Mayor declares March 17 "Gerry Adams Day" in NYC: Belfast Live
Sarah Scott

New York Mayor slammed by IRA victim after declaring 'Gerry Adams Day': The News Letter

US brewer's tribute to Gerry Adams is hard to swallow (Mar 15): Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty

Scottish Greens conference – Brexit could ignite Ulster powder keg: The National (Scotland)

Question about NI staying in customs union tests unionist limits to devolution: The News Letter
Ben Lowry

Brexit and the imaginary invisible Border (Mar 16): The Irish Times
Cliff Taylor

MI5 in driving seat and not the police, says woman whose house was raided (Mar 15): Belfast Media
Brónach Ní Thuama

We need more action and less pontificating over annual insanity: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Why are unionist causes beyond the pale among so-called activist academics at Northern Ireland's two universities? (Mar 8): Belfast Telegraph
Nelson McCausland

'Battle of Bogside' minister in ODNB: Derry Journal
Kevin Mullan

Questions over 'theft' of frozen Libyan assets: The News Letter

PSNI is in dire need of more manpower (Mar 5): Belfast Telegraph

Failure to act will cause further harm to Troubles victims: Belfast Telegraph
Judith Thompson

English people only care about Ireland on St Patrick's Day: The Independent
Tess Davidson

Varadkar says he is proud to walk in New York parade with partner Matt: The Irish Times
Suzanne Lynch

Concerns over 'scandalous' secrecy at Stormont (Mar 14): ITV

RHI inquiry chairman warns against media 'sensationalism' in wake of outcry over civil service minute taking (Mar 15): Belfast Telegraph

Time for London to wake up to the reality of Ireland's trade border after Brexit: The Irish Times

Stuff your Freedom of Information – Our democracy is at risk when civil servants hide the truth: Belfast Telegraph
Fionola Meredith

New BBC drama – 'It is an honour to tell the stories of IRA bomb victims' (Mar 16): The News Letter

Police probe landmine attack claims made by ex-IRA man in book (Mar 13): Belfast Telegraph
Cate McCurry

'We do NOT support EU Army' Ireland TURNS on Brussels in shock security broadside: Daily Express
Joey Millar

Controversial Offensive Behaviour at Football Act repealed by Scottish Parliament (Mar 16): Scottish Daily Record
Laura Paterson Lynsey Bews

How the Irish Could Still Save Civilization: New York Times
Timothy Egan

Brexit is turning Scotland more Canadian (Mar 9): Toronto Globe and Mail
Julia Rampen

I still get called an orange b*****d, but players must learn to turn the other cheek (Mar 16): The Herald
Steven Thompson

Offensive Behaviour at Football Act misses point on the reality of sectarianism: The Herald

Saturday, March 17

Karen Bradley on the Border – 'We will make it work': The Irish Times
Suzanne Lynch

Frictionless Ireland border cannot in place in time for Brexit – MPs: Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

Irish border remains a Brexit hurdle, say EU sources: The Guardian
Jennifer Rankin

Britain 'must accept EU terms on Irish border after Brexit': The Times
Bruno Waterfield and John Walsh

Brexit secretary urged to witness frictionless border first-hand: Irish News
John Manley

Brexit chief David Davis still to border in Ireland: Belfast Telegraph
Jon Vale

Border infrastructure not needed – Campbell: The News Letter
Peter Hutcheon

'Counter Dublin's EU propaganda' says UUP: The News Letter

May urged to back down on Irish border or risk deadlock: The Times
Bruno Waterfield and John Walsh

This DUP-Tory pact will fall apart – but we'll have to live with its toxic legacy: The Guardian
Mary Lou McDonald

Stormont logjam would still exist if Martin McGuinness' were alive, says son: Belfast Telegraph
Donna Deeney

Remembering Martin – 'Martin was a good friend and a great leader': Derry Journal
Gerry Adams

Talking up Trump is borderline madness: The Times
Liam Fay

DUP MP's Trump card as St Patrick's delegation visits Washington: The News Letter

Tide's turned in Washington – now unionism's voice being heard by US President: Belfast Telegraph
Ian Paisley

Mainstream Protestants left alienated by Hibernian politicisation of St Patrick's Day: The News Letter
Billy Kennedy

St Patrick's Day is an opportunity for shared celebration across Ireland... and rugby win will make it all the sweeter: Belfast Telegraph

Arlene Foster won't be in U.S. for St. Patrick's Day: Impartial Reporter

Post 'Troubles,' Anti-British Banner Still Flies in St. Patrick's Parade: New York Times
Corey Kilgannon

Paramilitaries not controlling most bonfire nights – PUP leader Billy Hutchinson: The News Letter

Unionist parties warned over bonfire report: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Loyalist Mark Harbinson to defend himself at trial: Irish News

Foster 'should not be liable for legal costs': BBC
Vincent Kearney

DUP MP Ian Paisley participated in 'very intimidating' group conference call to Ofgem official in attempt to change RHI tariff (Mar 16): Irish News
John Monaghan

Michael Stone – Milltown Cemetery gunman's murder weapons used republicans: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

Mum of young woman shot 27 times in attack IRA said was mistake, still seeking justice: Belfast Telegraph
Ivan Little

Radicals on both sides were wrong says young star of Martin Lynch civil rights play (Mar 15): Irish News
Gail Bell

Unionists pay tribute to ex-politician who survived 1977 IRA bomb attack: Belfast Telegraph
Adrian Rutherford

Traumatised after being injured, haunted by faces of murdered colleagues – Play gives voice to ex-UDR and Royal Irish members (Mar 14): Belfast Telegraph
Philip Orr

US brewery withdraws 'Gerry Adams' beer and apologises for offence: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

Sister of IRA victim praises US brewery as it pulls Adams' beer off market: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Williamson

The revelations about child abuse are insult to memory of St Patrick: Belfast Telegraph
Alf McCreary

UK defends secrecy deals for firms involved in border consultations: The Guardian
Jessica Elgot

Tomorrow Ireland will come together as never before for St Patrick's Day and the rugby. Wouldn't it just be great if it was like this all the time? (Mar 16): Belfast Telegraph
Martin O'Brien

Late return of the man Irish history forgot (Mar 11): Sunday Independent
Dermot Meleady

More Gaelscoileanna must be opened to breathe life into Irish (Mar 13): The Irish Times
Caoimhín Ó hEaghra

Rangers and Celtic fork out £500k to police Old Firm games: The Scotsman
Russell Jackson

Rangers pay more for policing Old Firm games than Celtic despite having smaller stadium: Scottish Daily Record
Peter Davidson

Scotland's mixed workplaces and pubs makes living in sectarian bubble 'hard work': The Herald
Alistair Grant

Hate crime probe after sectarian chants on Edinburgh to Glasgow train: The Scotsman
Rohese Devereux Taylor

Friday, March 16

Stormont – British-Irish conference return 'could signal direct rule': BBC
Gareth Gordon

Doubts over who calls the shots in DUP leaving Stormont talks in limbo warns Sinn Féin: Irish News
David Young

Foster's response to Varadkar sets the right tone: The News Letter

Donald Trump may visit Ireland in 2019: Irish Examiner
Elaine Loughlin

Donald Trump keenly interested in border and Taoiseach willing to facilitate visit: Derry Journal
Kevin Mullan

White House meeting – Varadkar says he believes Trump will be 'very much on our side' on border issue: Irish Independent
Jason O'Brien and Philip Ryan

Donald Trump's planned border visit raises Brexit stakes: Irish News

Trump's Patrick's Day snub of Irish leaders a big mistake: Irish Voice/

Ian Paisley tweets picture with Donald Trump and Sinn Féin-supporting Congressman: Belfast Telegraph

US fails to issue Martin Ferris visa in time for US tour: The Irish Times
Kevin Cullen

Brexit – Theresa May warned hard Irish border can only be avoided if UK stays aligned with EU rules for time being: The Independent
Rob Merrick

Irish border remains biggest obstacle to Brexit deal: Financial Times
Alex Barker, George Parker and Jim Pickard

DUP MPs back Westminster report that criticises British government's lack of proposals for frictionless border: Irish News
John Manley

Rees-Mogg condemns claims over Brexit threat to N Ireland peace: Belfast Telegraph

Fears Brexit Will Spark Violence in Northern Ireland Are Exaggerated, Says DUP Leader: Wall Street Journal
Jason Douglas

Ireland Funds raises record $1 million at D.C. gala attended by Taoiseach Varadkar: Irish Voice/

MP – QUB must protect unionist students: The News Letter

Students hold protest demanding respect for Irish: Irish News
Simon Doyle

Bilingual campus signs will make minority feel even more isolated: The News Letter

Sinn Féin claims constituency plan for NI is 'flawed': BBC
Mark Devenport

UUP's Lord Empey accuses Sinn Féin of 'utter hypocrisy' over boundary commission accusations: Irish News
Bimpe Archer

Why are the DUP being handed so much power in the latest boundary change?: The Independent
Francie Molloy

NI launch for new pro-Brexit party founded by forces veterans: The News Letter

I found out what happened when a mother took her son to be kneecapped in Northern Ireland: The Guardian
Sinéad O'Shea

Mary Lou McDonald defends using Provo slogan: Belfast Telegraph

PSNI defends not referring officer's affair with criminal gang associate to ombudsman: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Man charged over loyalist murder granted bail: The News Letter

AOH to hold annual St Patrick's Day parade in Cookstown: Irish News
Connla Young

RHI inquiry – official tells of 'intimidating' lobbying call with Paisley: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Paramilitary Crime Task Force seizes INLA evidence in Londonderry raids: Londonderry Sentinel

Those leprechauns don't tell the whole story: Montreal Gazette
Patrick McKenna

Begorrahs begone – Educating my Canadian neigbours about the real Ireland on St Patrick's Day: The Irish Times
Patrick McKenna

Holyrood to repeal football bigotry law: BBC

Scottish football accused of sweeping sectarianism under carpet: BBC
Chris McLaughlin

Thursday, March 15

Brexit threatens Good Friday agreement, Irish PM warns: The Guardian
David Smith

'Not for Irish PM to chart Stormont talks', Foster: BBC

The Belfast Agreement is fading, not with a bang but with a whimper: The Irish Times
Newton Emerson

Peace process could be 'blown apart' by border issue, says Lord Patten: The News Letter

MEPs back controversial border plan: The News Letter

Unionist Remainers did not vote to leave UK, says UUP head Robin Swann: Daily Express
Ciaran McGrath

UUP warn Brexit negotiator of perception EU is 'siding with nationalists': The News Letter

Border may not wreck peace but it will be symbolic: The Times
Jason Walsh

Unionists should spell out why they reject NI in customs union: The News Letter
John Barry

Boundary changes would deny nationalist voters representation (Mar 14): Irish News
Michelle O'Neill

Mary Lou McDonald – I don't feel snubbed by Donald Trump: Irish Independent
Philip Ryan

Republican Congressman linked to Trump's travel ban to be honoured at Irish-American event:
Christina Finn

Varadkar – I will invite Donald Trump to visit Ireland and congratulate him on emulating Irish tax system: Irish Independent
Jason O'Brien

If Trump visits Ireland, Leo would like to show him the border with Northern Ireland:
Christina Finn

Adams and McDonald express support for US special envoy: The Irish Times
Suzanne Lynch

Congressman Neal honored at 26th annual Washington DC National Gala:
Barry Kriger

Irish-US relations – Diplomatic skills to be fully tested: The Irish Times

Campbell wants Irish unionists born outside the North to be allowed to hold British passports: Derry Journal
Kevin Mullan

Sinn Féin to launch 'ambitious and pragmatic' Irish language policy: The News Letter

DUP mayor speaks Irish to open language event: ITV

Sinn Féin hails DUP mayor's 'leadership' for speech made in Irish: Belfast Telegraph
Brett Campbell

Campaign for Irish signs at Queen's is 'causing intimidation': The News Letter

Queen's University apologise after Irish language sign criticism: Belfast Telegraph

Stop politicising Irish language, warns Varadkar: The Times
Jennifer Bray

Ombudsman asked to examine PSNI response to officer's affair with associate of gang linked to Ronan Kerr murder: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

GAA player flees Northern Ireland after dissident death threat: The Sunday Life
Ciaran Barnes

PSNI 'hampered by partner groups' fears of dissidents': Belfast Telegraph
David Young

Gardai to provide report on Andrew Allen murder probe: Irish News
Seamus McKinney

PSNI seize electronic devices in Derry as part of INLA investigation: Belfast Telegraph

Paramilitary-style assaults double in Ards and North Down over past year: Belfast Telegraph

Why making an articulate, forward-looking case for the Union will be much easier through education: Belfast Telegraph
Eilis O'Hanlon

Change coming among Protestant pupils says ex-minister as Catholic schools dominate league table: The News Letter

Memorial service for top Garda IRA agent Sean O'Callaghan: The News Letter

Jamie Bryson's Loughinisland Ombudsman complaint investigated: BBC
Vincent Kearney

Who were David Howes and Derek Wood, when were the IRA funeral murders in Belfast and what happened at Penny Lane?: The Sun
David Hughes and Jay Akbar

US craft beer named after Gerry Adams angers family of IRA victim: Belfast Telegraph
Andrew Madden

Catholic Priest and Jewish Congressman Personify Spirit of St. Patrick: (from the Irish Echo)
Barbara Flaherty

Student seeking right for Northern Ireland citizens to vote in abortion referendum: Irish Independent
Tim Healy

Unionists welcome Republic bar on Northern Ireland citizens voting in abortion poll: Belfast Telegraph
Victoria Leonard

Producer of film on homosexuality defends it from SF criticism: The News Letter

Gardai planning 'full-scale anti-terrorism operation' for St Patrick's Day parades in Dublin and across Ireland: Irish Mirror
Anita McSorley

'The Scots and the Welsh denying us a grand-slam chance made no sense': The Times
Garry Doyle

Wednesday, March 14

Irish border question 'is a European issue' – Juncker: ITV

Brexit 'could undermine Good Friday deal': Irish Examiner
Conall Ó Fátharta

DUP warn against 'aggressive interference in UK' by EU: The News Letter

Northern Irish should be entitled to EU citizenship post-Brexit – report: The Irish Times
Simon Carswell

Possible passport checks on trains after Brexit: Irish Examiner
Fiachra Ó Cionnaith

Irish border may be harder than anyone would want: Belfast Telegraph
John Simpson

Taoiseach offers olive branch to unionists over Irish Government Brexit statements: Irish Independent
Philip Ryan

Varadkar's claim of border post attacks 'is dangerous': The News Letter

'Washington must know SF is blocking devolution' says DUP Nigel Dodds ahead of US trip: Belfast Telegraph

SF evades Foster claims that talks included 'innocent victims' paper: The News Letter

MLA pay 'unsustainable', says DUP as Sinn Féin calls on governments to take issues out of local hands to restore power sharing: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

Doug Beattie – why I am ashamed and embarrassed to be an MLA: The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

DUP the only party to back mooted 'shadow' assembly: Irish News
John Manley

Bill Clinton says 20th anniversary of Good Friday Agreement is an opportunity to build on peace: The Independent
Henry Austin

US ambassador appointment a 'priority', says Taoiseach: Irish Examiner
Elaine Loughlin

Senator Mitchell calls for no return to hard border in Ireland after Brexit: Belfast Telegraph

Senator George Mitchell gives evocative speech on Irish roots at event with Leo Varadkar in Washington DC: Irish Mirror
Ferghal Blaney

Secretary of state needs to come up with a plan: Irish News

A shadow assembly might now be the best way forward: The News Letter

New budget is welcome, but still no substitute for our own politicians making much-needed decisions on the ground (Mar 10): Belfast Telegraph

Varadkar to challenge outdated stereotype of Irish identity in US: The Irish Times
Suzanne Lynch

Identity politics is well past its use-by date: The Times
Sarah Carey

Clintons back aid for loyalist area schools: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

RHI inquiry- officials went along with DUP-SF secrecy in Executive: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Belfast council warns staff face sack if they secretly record meetings: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Unionist's legal victory in battle over border poll rules in Northern Ireland: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Féin says reps donate 'different amounts at different times of the year': Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Dissident republican prisoner fails to overturn mobile phone ban: Londonderry Sentinel

PSNI officer had affair with associate of gang linked to Ronan Kerr's murder: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

'Secrets' over Patrick 'Guiseppe' Conlon's pub bomb prison death: BBC
Tanya Gupta

Family of killed Long Kesh escapee to take legal action: Irish News
Connla Young

Dessie O'Hare to face trial in Dublin: Irish News

Legal challenge lodged to allow people in North vote in Eighth Amendment referendum:
Órla Ryan

Sinn Féin to decide on holding Ard Fheis on abortion: Irish Examiner
Juno McEnroe

Minister wants Sinn Féin to back plan for 12-week abortion law (Mar 13): Irish Independent
Kevin Doyle

Northern Ireland and northern Irishmen is age-old problem: Irish News
Kenny Archer

You can't trust anyone in corruption-riddled Ireland – even the gardai: Irish Mirror
Pat Flanagan

Ireland Funds a constant in increasingly-chaotic Washington: Irish Independent
Jason O'Brien

Scotland must face down power-grab (Mar 11): Sunday Herald

Tuesday, March 13

MEPs to call for no reduction in NI 'democratic rights': BBC
John Campbell

Brexit transition period may need to be extended beyond agreed deadline: Irish Examiner
Juno McEnroe

The British are playing against pros: Derry Now
Martina Anderson

You won't have to pre-register your Border crossing after Brexit: The Irish Times
Cliff Taylor

Bordering on the ridiculous – and it's no laughing matter: Irish News
Brendan Mulgrew

Secretary of State Karen Bradley 'minded' to cut salary of MLAs by almost 30%: Belfast Live
David Young

'Dithering' Bradley under fire on MLA pay: The News Letter

For Stormont to return there must be a sea-change in our attitudes towards working with one another: Belfast Telegraph
Mike Nesbitt

Unionism needs to be big enough to admit its past mistakes: The News Letter
Alex Kane

Mary Lou and Arlene haven't been invited to the White House – but Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley Jr have:
Cianan Brennan

'There can be no return to gerrymandering': Ulster Star

Sinn Féin claims boundary changes would leave thousands of nationalists without representation: Irish News
David Young

Sinn Féin tops the poll with £330k funding: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

London property magnate confirms donor support for DUP's Ian Paisley Junior:
Niall McCracken

Proposed constituency changes 'blatantly advantage' DUP, claims Sinn Féin: Belfast Telegraph

Northern Ireland 'punishment' attacks rise 60% in four years: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Four arrested over west Belfast 'explosive device': ITV

Man 'active in IRA service unit' is granted bail: Belfast Telegraph
Paul Higgins

Tony Taylor – two years on (scroll down): Derry Now

One man charged and another arrested over Vinnie Ryan murder:
Ken Foy and Tom Tuite

Paint attack on Orange Hall treated as hate crime: ITV

Rosemary Nelson anniversary event in west Belfast: Irish News
Connla Young

Niece's prayer as search begins for Disappeared victim Joe Lynskey in Irish wood: Belfast Telegraph
Allan Preston

'New information' over 1971 murder of Fusiliers as trio commemorated: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Troubles victims remembered in collection of shoes: ITV

Londonderry's 'Protestant exodus' – when they burned the church hall, we knew we had to move: The News Letter
Niall Deeney

Paisley, Kyle and Conlon get a place in Oxford Dictionary: Belfast Telegraph
Victoria Leonard

QUB rejects demands to reinstate Irish language signs: The News Letter

NI manager Michael O'Neill speaks out after accusing Ireland of stealing Catholic players: Irish Post
Aidan Lonergan

Martin O'Neill 'hoping' eligibility row can be resolved: BBC

'The best' should play for Northern Ireland says U105's Frank Mitchell – Sinn Féin's O Donnghaile says all-Ireland team the solution: Belfast Telegraph
Gareth Cross

Payouts for Northern Ireland abuse victims 'unconstitutional': The News Letter